I should stop procrastinating / trying to make puns and get on with writing the blog post...

Continuing on the stunty theme. Tried to make a selection for some snotlings for my ogres.

Tried to gather up all my snotlings, easier said than done...

Due to poor lighting in the other pictures I attached two pictures in the end to compare with if something is a bit unclear.
So these 10 is the lucky/unlucky I went with. Will probably add 6 more as I come across good candidates.
Taking a dump in someones helmet. and trying to pry loose some orc teeth. Such small distractions won't do much difference on a snotlings performance on the pitch.

These are from the Thieving Grots pack
Two original snotling blood bowl players. The guy pointing upwards will make more sense when seen in front of an ogre.
Easiest coolest snotling, from Games Day 2007

and to the right, one disarmed snotling formerly with a club.
Here is two snotlings still holding their clubs.
More snotlings robbed of their clubs.

Left one is from the 5th edition night goblin regiment box. The one to the right is from Warhammer Quest.

For you wondering what the first picture was about, it was at this point of writing it came about. My apologise...
Could have turned their arms down something like this but left them up for functionality. Easier to get hold of them and lift them in the arm if there would be a bit of a squeeze on the pitch.
The plastic one is from the plastic Fanatics box and the other one is a miscasted snotling that I removed a spore ball from his hand and working on restoring his leg and arm that was missing due to metal not flowing properly or the lack of it.
This is one is cast properly.
Couldn't resist adding magnets while I was going at them anyway.
Here is a picture of the ball he was holding before.
These are some that was considered but didn't make the cut. Very long legs one would be fun. Wanted to use the one with the mushroom but don't like players to hold implements.
Here are the two pictures included due to poor lighting in the other pictures.
In case something was a bit unclear.

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