Thieving Grots

I saw these in the exhibition at Warhammer World and new that they where needed to my collection. So you can see them painted in that post by following this link.
Casualty orc/ork and 6 snotlings/grots remember that they being quite pricey when they where up on Games-Workshops website for a short while. But managed to pick them up for a decent price from eBay.
Casualty orc
From top left:

  • Pulling teeth from orc skull(currency) very nice piece.
  • Snotling with a sack. I think this one will be a second bribe marker for Blood Bowl.
  • Orc head with all teeth stolen pulled out or bashed out but the body implies a bullet wound in the stomach
  • Normal head with helmet on.
  • Snotling taking a dump in a helmet. I'll try to get hold of the blood bowl snotling that also taking a dump in a helmet.  
  • Snotling that probably receiving the teeth being pulled out and keeping them in a helmet.
  • Snotling trying to strangle an other snotling. Rioting fans marker maybe.

Backside of sprue.
The hole in the sack I think is a sculpted hole not a air bubble. However the teeth less head had some bubbles.
Better look at the teeth pulling snotling, and the butt cheeks of the one doing his business.
Quite poor and out of focus, but included it for the different angle.
A bit better. The holes in the gums in jaw isn't air bubbles it's where the teeth was. But there is some by the brow.
And a big one under the chin.
Nothing that can't be fixed though.

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