Comparison of the Battle for Skull Pass and the Night Goblin Box

Here comes a comparison of the two box sets Battle for Skull Pass and the Night Goblins Box.
I saw the need for this since I tried avoiding any two model looking alike. A very hard task since Bfsp (Battle for Skull Pass) contains 5 of spear goblin A,B,C,D,E,G and 4 of F.
Night Goblins with bows: 6 of B, F and 5 of D
And then that the box set reuse all the sculpting from Bfsp.

Starting with the Bfsp since it came out first.
They got 7 different faces and an 8th that only is on two bosses (H see grey arrow in picture below).

I won't go in to the forest goblin but yes they too have the same faces.

There are seven different spears I'll refer to them as a-f according too witch face they are associated to.

The same goes for the shield.

The bowmen got quivers on their back the ones with F-face got their low hanging while the other two (D,B) got their high/over the shoulder. Otherwise there isn't much to be said about them.

However note that 2 out of the 7 spear men got a bag sculpted on their belt giving a bit more variety to the unit.
And the bowmen have quivers on their back.
Niether of these detail got transfered to the box set. Ok the quiver was made as an alternative arm choice but I think it should have been better if it was made as an loose detail witch you could attach to their back. As done in the old Night Goblin Box set.

Here are the different standard bearer, musician, boss, big boss and shaman.
The faces are pretty much the same, it's much more bossy to be able to open up wide so shaman, sickle boss and big boss got their mouth cut up and opened wider.

Note peach arrow the same hand just the blade that is different if you look around it looks if they just "copy & paste" on everything. The hand can be found on other of places e.g. standard bearer with F-face. Check the hand on A spear goblin B, C, E & F. Hands at C, D musician and E standard bearer, and so on. I just put the arrow there to point out that there are copies everywhere and the fact that I didn't have to draw a arrow over half the sprue.

Note peach circle two moons on belt straps, this is the only one who got these make sure to paint them.

Note red circle the only two who got scale armour, these two are actually the same body.

Note orange circle these two are the only musician with alternative holdings and standard bearer with musician holding, in fact the musician is just a copy of the standard bearer with the same scale armour as mentioned earlier, just a weapon and face swap and standard to gong. And the same goes for the standard bearer.

Since the standard and musician are so alike it needs some thought when pairing the comande groups together. There are a musician F with Mushrooms and a standard bearer G also with Mushrooms  so the could go together but then your E standard bearer is going to get stuck with a musician with the same pose. The G standard not only got mushrooms he also got a skull. It could be pair up with D musician who also got a skull. Then musician F goes with standard bearer E so you get multi pose. And musician C and standard bearer A. You don't get as strong affinity by splitting them up this way though.  One skull each is alternative possibility if you so desire, you still get the multi pose and can avoid any other duplicates, note that F musician got a skull on the gong smacker. One a side note standard bearer E got the same horn on his pole as the skull on musician D.

When you done pairing you could paint the moons in the same colour to add affinity to the command groups since all standards showing a moon and the musicians got a moon on the gong except for C who got one on top on the pole.

The Night Goblin Box set
Here are some new really positive things,  Nets! this is great, most people need them and really handy to have them come with the box. Two handed bows this gives more variety two the bowmen and looks better, but if you only takes gobbos with these two handed bow and arrow it will all look the same so a mix for best result.  Hand weapons! I'll talk about them below.

Night goblin box faces
8th familiar faces. Face H only appearing as a boss face in Bfsp is also a boss face here but hes now got an eyepatch and a bit more fancy hood (some moon bling bling, and horns as the shaman in Bfsp). Note that there's only eight bodys so you can chose to have a second A-face or H-face
The shields got a little makeover they still resemble Bfsp but they not exactly the same, and a newcomer I the boss shield. Tends to get stuck in the horns form the boss hood though, kind a weird miss fit...
The spears, now it isn't the F spear that's hold high its the D spear that got an arm holding it up in the air. If you put the spears pointing upwards the blade will not be flat as in Bfsp it will be rotated wich is good since it varies the regiment experience. I don't like the look of an all Bfsp spear unit where all the spear blades are aligned.

A welcome addition: Hand weapons, there isn't any hw in Bfsp so I just assigned letters to them. H a sickle use by boss in Bfsp and intended to by used as such here too. I assigned the letter I to the stick used to smash the gong with since if you sharpen the moon it could used as a weapon.

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