Beginners Guides/Tutorials to Blood Bowl

Trying to get some friends in to Blood Bowl, I though it would be helpful to put together a post with some handfull diagrams and videos on the subject.

Seeing that Blood Bowls is about risk management and the risks being determined through dice rolls this chart can be a good reminder.
This isn't absolute essential in the beginning of a Blood Bowl coach's carrier but a handy tool for table top gaming.

Beginners guide with cKnoor 

Stats and Assists

Caging and turn management 

Introduction game with Jimmy Fantastic

I put all the videos in a playlist for those who want to come back to it later. 

And finally download this PDF it's important document to read and come to understand (given time) since a big portion of the game is about blocking. It will take time to master blocking but to start understand it will help out with the rest of the game. 

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