Chaos Dwarf team WIP

So let's have a look at the chaos dwarf team that was available for made to order earlier this year.

These are the sculpts you got in the pack: 
4 chaos dwarfs
3 different hobgoblins. The fourth sculpt wasn't included so we got 3 of pointy shoulder and pointy hood and 2 of the third sculpt
Here is the forth one we didn't get :(

1  Bullcentaur sculpt available as well

So as shown before in this blog I'm not a fan of fielding duplicates so let's see what we can do with what we got. 
Here is a second Bullcentaur with one of our dwarfs hats and a repositioned arm. And at the moment a space marine shoulder pad, might change this out.
Here they're side by side. Better angle for comparison.
We need two more dwarfs to fill out the roosters positionals.
We just happens to have a spare Bullcentaur hat so let's give this guy a upgrade. Might give him some shoulder pad spikes as well to balance out the hat. 
Detached this guys arm to reposition it but didn't compare with the original so almost put it back in the same position... Redoin his hat design to something like this:
Not sure how to make the lightning bolt crack but will figure it out. Might take a chunk out and fill it back in with green stuff except for the crack.
Arm repositions on three Hobgoblins
Not sure about the chunky green stuff spike, a bit to similar to the other sculpts original spike as well. So might be removed or redone.

Will make two more hobgoblin conversions so I can make a full team up to 16 with out the Minotaur if I want to or who ever will be playing them. 

This leaves me with 2 spare dwarfs and 8 spare hobgoblin.
Don't think I'll eBay them off. The dwarfs might come in handy for mutations or something(sideline, starplayers or something) Not sure how useful all of the 8 hobgoblins extra will be... Let me know if you have any ideas or interesting in trading something because you need some to complete your team don't hesitate to get in touch. Email Twitter

I'm planing on adding the Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins to the Name Generator  as well just need to write out the code so won't come up this month but instead in the not too distance future.

Part 2

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