Chaos Dwarf Team Part 3

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I've started a test model to try a paint scheme for my chaos dwarfs. I wanted them to pop and to break away from the traditional colour schemes for chaos dwarfs.
Test model. I always feel I like purple and orange together even though they don't quite fit in colour theory. You can get them together in triadic and tetradic schemes but not quite how I envisioned it. In a triadic scheme, green is the third so I went with a grass base which does balance things out a bit.
Test model for the hobgoblin- I went with yellow. Think the idea first germinated as a child when I saw a hobgoblin bottle in my brother's room. Think ever since then I have had a notion that hobgoblins should be yellow. It was also because I wanted to try yellow against the purple since they are complementary colours. Grey and yellow also work well and once I've layered the grey I'll add a bit of devlan mud to grime it up a bit and tie things together. 
I was getting a bit stuck but felt I had an idea so decided to just get started blocking colours out.
Quite a mess on my table as you can see! My excuse is that I have some other projects on the go but I'll say more about them in a bit. Things to spot in the picture, you can see my take on Zzharg Madeye in the far back, and a coach a bit further forward. More pictures of him once he's further along. The model is from the earthshaker cannon. To the left a bit there is also a musician to join the cheerleader squad. 
I decided that I wanted more variation between my bull centaurs. Also, if  I wanted to run the star player Hthark the Unstoppable (if he gets re-introduced) I wanted three different models. This would also allow me to rotate between models if they die, as you are only allowed to roster two bull centaurs. I ordered this guy from eBay, chopped off his sword, gave him knuckledusters and chopped off the standard hand and added the stylised glove. 
I did luck out with the legs though but there isn't that big a difference between the two sculpts of legs so I'll be alright. I do feel like there are a good spread of individual features for each model in the trio. 
The apothecary is coming along. He is a bit tall compared to the other dwarfs but it will be alright. 

Okay. I wanted to share the first of my side projects. I'm reworking the blog design. It has been on my to-do list for some years now. I've still got quite a bit to go but I've started. Thoughts and feedback on what you like, dislike and what you'd like to see would be very much appreciated.
My second project is that I'm working on splitting the name generator into three separate generators and adding a whole lot of 40k. I've been trawling the Necromunda books and made extensive name and gang name generators for all of the different factions. I'm happy to say that it's not that far from being finished.

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