Coach Conversions and stuff

Getting some coaches made up for the argue the call rule and rounding off the teams a bit better. A bit of everything post this month.
On the left you can see where I've been trying out paints on some random models. These will work nicely as assorted fans to go in the stands. Some balls in the front and some chaos dwarfs to the right.
Sorted out the shoulder pad on one of the reposed black orcs, top down view.
Black orc seen from behind. Link to Black Orc Team
Dark elf coach before priming. She's from Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven Warhammer Underworlds. The scroll is form the empire flagellants set. I changed the emblem on her stomach to a broken heart after this picture.
Halfling and Lizardmen coach. Halfling is from adventurers box from back in 2000 for talisman or warhammer quest. You can see more about that box here. Again the scroll is from the empire flagellants set. The Lizardmen coach is from Tehenhauin Prophet of Sotek.
A slightly adjusted coin to fit better with the heartbreakers A rule book to step on from the empire flagellants set, very useful set for bits. An Akhorne extracted from the halfling head he was perched on and repositioned tail.
Chaos coach that seems quite displeased with a rule and or play not going according to plan along with two assistant coaches. Dug these guys out of the warhammer quest Silver Tower box.
Priest of sigmar seemed like a good choice for coach for the new Imperial Nobility team. Also out of the warhammer quest Silver Tower box.
Halfling coach still not finished but started to get the base colours down. Link to Halfling Team
Stepping on the rule book.
Chalice of coffee- a must for any coach. Link to the Dark Elves team
Size comparison.
I need to redo the base on this guy, not happy with how flat it looks. I will add some sand and repaint it. The coach is a bit odd as he has chameleon eyes but sort of a normal sail. I went with a red crest to give him a bit of sotek's fierceness.
I like the little lizard on the back. I tried doing a bit of patterning to both of them to give them some interest.
Here is more of what I hope to achieve with the base. 
Turnmarker/Score marker. Link to the Lizardmen team
The sun has more or less forsaken me at this point it seems. I need to arrange a better photo set-up. This Goblin in his fancy fur cloak and gold chain, will coach the elven union for now, don't have many good elf models. The model is from the Gnobblar trapper blister pack. Link to the Elven Union Team
Yeah I painted up the cloak as a wolf pelt with greys whites and yellows but it doesn't really show at all in the picture...
While painting up my elven union team I kept rubbing of paint from their hair so decided I would look in to getting a painting handle. I remembered our empty salt grinder. So both green and cheap.
I cut out the top of a tin of mushy peas and glued it down on top to let my magnets stick to something metal. The bluetac around the edge is just to have if a base hasn't been magnetized or not been based yet or if it spins too much.
Allows for easy spin too, ooo..

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