Odds and Ends

Moving around again for trying to sort out work not as much hobby but managed to do some ball pegs and got a token from earlier.

Cleaned out a Reikland Reavers / human team coin and added a Lizardmen glyph. It might need a bit of thickening up.
Phonetic Lizardmen Glyph for PH
But I based it on these bits that goes on the bottom on the Standard, from Lizardmen / Seraphon Saurus Warrior Box
Did up these pegs still need to clean up the edges a bit. Will go over them with a file at some point.
Attaches to the magnet and voila peg restored for those who don't have magnets under their bases.

For those with magnets but different polarities I got a plan for that with a ferrous disk that goes under the ball. Think it will work out but I'll report back when I've tried it.
Slots in.
I find it a bit ironic that the ball that i stuck into the ground is the one that can’t go on the ground and has to go on a players base.


Games Day 2006 - Daemon Slayer

Picked this up in a moment of bad self-control, don't think I payed a ridiculous amount but still for not having a dwarf army, but it's a very iconic piece with the dwarf on top of the head of the golden daemon. But now with blood bowl all my lose ends find new meaning and some love. So this guy will be playing as a Troll Slayers on my dwarf team.

I've shown picture of the packaging before when I bought it. But didn't open it at the time.
Surprised that there wasn't any foam or something else protecting the miniature inside, it's just a bag.
This is all that was held inside.
You can see the holes and the cutouts for the feet of the dwarf on top of the daemon head.
Back side of daemon head.
Back side of slayer.
Close up.
I'm not sure what will be done with the head. Can't promise that it won't get a magnet an possible a goblin or snotling on top. We'll see.



I should stop procrastinating / trying to make puns and get on with writing the blog post...

Continuing on the stunty theme. Tried to make a selection for some snotlings for my ogres.

Tried to gather up all my snotlings, easier said than done...

Due to poor lighting in the other pictures I attached two pictures in the end to compare with if something is a bit unclear.
So these 10 is the lucky/unlucky I went with. Will probably add 6 more as I come across good candidates.
Taking a dump in someones helmet. and trying to pry loose some orc teeth. Such small distractions won't do much difference on a snotlings performance on the pitch.

These are from the Thieving Grots pack
Two original snotling blood bowl players. The guy pointing upwards will make more sense when seen in front of an ogre.
Easiest coolest snotling, from Games Day 2007

and to the right, one disarmed snotling formerly with a club.
Here is two snotlings still holding their clubs.
More snotlings robbed of their clubs.

Left one is from the 5th edition night goblin regiment box. The one to the right is from Warhammer Quest.

For you wondering what the first picture was about, it was at this point of writing it came about. My apologise...
Could have turned their arms down something like this but left them up for functionality. Easier to get hold of them and lift them in the arm if there would be a bit of a squeeze on the pitch.
The plastic one is from the plastic Fanatics box and the other one is a miscasted snotling that I removed a spore ball from his hand and working on restoring his leg and arm that was missing due to metal not flowing properly or the lack of it.
This is one is cast properly.
Couldn't resist adding magnets while I was going at them anyway.
Here is a picture of the ball he was holding before.
These are some that was considered but didn't make the cut. Very long legs one would be fun. Wanted to use the one with the mushroom but don't like players to hold implements.
Here are the two pictures included due to poor lighting in the other pictures.
In case something was a bit unclear.


The Dwarf Giants

Bought these since I wanted the balls & the team tokens/counter and wouldn't mind the coin. I got some old 5th ed plastic dwarfs I'm going to convert up for a team, but I want to support Games-Workshop's release of Blood Bowl so they don't drop the ball again.

So my plan was to paint up the team to the paint scheme on the box and sell them off. I've been considering leaving it to paint it to requested colour scheme but that would mean a bit of a time pressure on getting them done in a reasonable time frame.
I've been considering that I would be able to convert up one team token for my chaos dwarfs but not sure what it would hold rather than a tankard, probably a forging hammer.
Transfer/decals, assemble instructions team roster and bases, all the usual.
The face on the coin is actually protruding out higher than the rim so it can't lay flat face down and doesn't  stack up well with other coins if it's not on top. The goblin coin suffers from the same issue.
It's nice that you get two different heads for your slayers so even do they are slightly ridiculously posed they look unique. Same with the blitzers. Another great value box.

So if you are interested in this dwarf team painted or unpainted let me know. At some point I will put up a trading page with things I got for trade and things I'm looking for.


Lizardmen team finished

Part I
Since I had some models done up from before I decided to go for speed and make up the rest in the same stile. I was a bit sloppy since I tried to speed paint them but they look nice on the table all painted up. Tried going for sandstone bases, wanted the early 90's cartoony stile with a lot of yellow and saturated colours but got a bit of a shock when I applied the base yellow and tried to tone it down, it didn't turn out as I planed but it's alright.

Managed to get two alright group shots before a cloud moved in.
Easier to see them from a slightly higher angle. But don't have the same team line up feel.
Added a bit more colour to the kroxigor's stomach,  touched up the gold and some other details.
Tail in the way but numbered as well.

When I reattached Slibli to the base I managed to break off both horns and his arm. I really need to pin him but wasn't going to happen now. If he gets enough play I'll do it then. As well as remove all mold lines that young me hadn't learnt to do and repaint him a bit better, he's a star after all.
Here are some numbers that are easier to see.
Went in to Games-Workshop to pick up some paint, all my green had dried up. Was met by: "Let me guess, you're gonna paint some nurgle?" He was quite surprised at it not being nurgle and additionally it was for Lizardmen. But I like 5th ed Lizardmen best, before they all turned blue.
Next three saurus.
Will try to get some statistics on which helmet gives best protection and worst.
And the last five makes 16 excluding Slibli.
Hopefully they'll see the pitch soon.


The Elfheim Eagles

A little peak inside the Pro Elves box or Elven Union as they are called now.

I think I will paint mine in a white and blue colour scheme.
Balls with gems on them. In White Dwarf december 2017 issue there is rules for the Soulstone Ball. The ball carrier can use a skill from players in the casualty box i the dugout.  
A row with faces with or with out masks in top left corner. Another excellent kit, I'm very pleased with how Games-Workshop is turn these out.
It is very weird looking with the faceless heads.
Decals, assemble instructions team roster and bases as usual.