Dark Elves Part III

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Missing numbers and a coat of protective lacquer. Got a really old can of purity seal but a bit hesitant to use considering how much problem people have with the new cans. Got paint on 'ardcoat but doesn't feel like the right solution either. Tried to spray some balls with the purity seal, got good result. So will go with that when I get back (away with work for three months (but got some stuff with me so don't worry have content planed out for the blog)).

Here they all are! The bases are going to be lush well kept green grass with black borders on request by the coach.
More vials. Second from the left with Black Ark Corsairs legs almost look bare now with out a belt (The back is normally covered by a cloak hence the lack of detail.).
Having gained a bit more positive attitude towards the assassin I think this should be a sufficient line-up. If the team get developed and want to branch in a different direction I'll make more girls according to the need.
Not fussed about left most back, there used to be a slot for a back banner there so doesn't have the scaly middle bit. Not sure if I should do something about it.
And the last three. Left most has acquired a more feminine bosom since last shown on the blog. Something that shouldn't have been left until after the arms where attached. Her right arm was very troublesome during the procedure.
I'm not sure where I'll put their numbers I didn't make any dedicated area for it when I built them thinking that I'll sort that out when they where painted, starting to wonder how easy it will be...


Skavenblight Scramblers

As you saw in the Team Tokens post (where I converted up a underworld token) I'm also in the possession of a Skaven box. I really happy with these team boxes the quality of the plastic is great. I really enjoy the different balls and think the ascetic on the teams is good as well. The Dwarfs is the one team that I'm not completely sold on.
I think the price for what you are getting isn't bad either compared to other GW products and compared to some 3rd party teams. However I think GW overall could lower their prices a bit and be a bit more accessible with their products.
Transfers team roster and bases
I'm a bit curious how long the tails will last and it's going to be tricky extracting that ball from the throwers tail.
I haven't planed things out to see if some players need to double as both skaven and underworld players. I gotten the booster pack as well but haven't broken it open. I have more than enough of throwers since you get another one in the booster and I also got a Poisoned Wind Mortar that I was going to convert up. Got some spare skaven as well that I can bolster up the ranks with for linerats and such.


Dark Elves Part II

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Haven't painted properly in a long time but it's rewarding being back even though I'm a bit rusty. These are the very first "human like" models I ever painted. Only done goblins, orcs, squigs, lizardmen and such. I started on my wood elves but never got to the skin and such.

Here are the first 5, 11 to go but they are on their way.

They aren't golden deamon but far better than bare plastic. Will do fine on the table. Think I should 'ardcoat them or seal them when they got their numbers painted on. So that the paint won't rub off from use.
Witch Elves

Being the first human like models I found out about the struggles of faces, eyes and hair.
It probably would have been better to do the hair with a wash or something but feeling a bit rushed trying to finish this team before new year I just bashed on with what I've done before.
More scantily clad players.
Vials for potions and some mysterious goldish container and other stuff. Was thinking about painting the cloth ribbons with special colours referencing skills since so many models have these cloth bits but not sure if it's all that practical anymore.
On to the a bit more controversial piece. Was quite sure I wouldn't include  a assassin but after hearing "Anything but a one" talk about dark elves and recommending taking one or two for them being a fun piece to play with. I got a bit more welcoming.
Bit unclear if it's suppose to be a vial at his belt but painted it blue to add a bit more colour rather than more brown.

Not sure what I'll do about the bases but will I'll ask the coach and figure it out when the rest of the players are done.


4th Edition Lizardmen Team

I picked up a pack of "made to order Lizardmen" to complete a team with models I already own. Giving me a total of 10 skinks, but chose to introduce two plastic skinks to the team. That leaves me with 3 spare skinks that I could put back in to my Lizardmen army. Alternatively if somebody want to run a team with 12 skinks, or removing some more bows, there is potential for 15 skinks and a kroxigor.
Speaking off skinks I put my skinks on 25mm bases to distinguish stunty players. Planning on doing that to stunties on all the teams, since 32mm is ridiculously big for some off these small guys, they get lost in the big base.
1 Kroxigor
6 Saurus Blockers
9 Skink Runners
1 Slibli

I bought these models when they where still available to order from Games Workshop. Haven't rebased them yet, but when I've paint up the team, I'll touch these up and rebase them with the others.
To the right most we got Star Player Slibli, with a ball placed under his arm. The ball being very hard to remove, so not painted to make less visible. He gets away with it for being a star player, since it seems a losing battle trying to rid star players of balls.
The Parasaurolophus (black) guy, was also one of the guys I bought back when they where available but never got painted.
Owning a extensive Lizardmen collection, I was about to include these to give a bit more variety to the team. Decided against it, since they are slightly taller and not as closely to the stile of the team, as I expected. So to avoid any confusion, I just drew some inspiration from their helmets.
I did however recruited some skinks from my collection. I felt it was harder to easily distinguishing between the small helmets, it would help with more variety in posing. Shouldn't arise any confusion.

Helmet on the guy to the right is inspired by a Nigersaurus skull.
Helmet on the guy to the left is inspired by a Oviraptor skull. I had trouble trying to make the ridge too detailed, and it ending up to big. I hope that when painted this will be okay.
Middle skink: There is all ready a Parasaurolophus skull helmet on the original skinks, I wanted a bit more duck beak so I made my own. I left the horn shorter / broken off to easier distinguish the two.
Helmet on the left most skink is inspired buy a aquarium decoration skull I liked the look off.

Helmet of right most skink is based on a Dilophosaurus skull.
To the left Triceratops inspired and added knuckle duster.

To the right I took inspiration from the helmet on one of my old temple guard, shown earlier (guy with blue loincloth). Not easiest to see from pictures but short horn stud pointing more forward. Better pictures to come once painted.

Plastic arms from old 5th ed Lizardmen Saurus warriors to add more diversity.
Helmet on the left inspired by Achelousaurus skull.
To the right helmet inspired by a Subadult Specimen of Rubeosaurus ovatus.


The Scarcrag Snivellers

Let's have a look inside the Goblins team box for Blood bowl.
Was a bit on the fence with the stile they went with but I like them the more I look at them.
Snotling in ball costume is the best ball so far.
Was odd to find a plastic tub inside the box. Haven't seen those other than for metal models. I got a sneaking suspicion it's to fill out the cardboard box to keep the same size as the other teams, these smaller sprues could have fitted in a box half the size.
Two of each two sprues.
You get one of these when you buy the 4-pack Blood Bowl Goblins.
The only mushroom (two if you count duplicates) is the one on the snotling ball which is a surprise. Goblins and mushrooms usually goes together like bread and butter.



Team Tokens

As said many times before I'm not a fan of duplicates. The teams comes with two of the team tokens so there is one that won't be used. When I saw Forge Worlds Chaos Renegades and Underworld Denizens tokens, I felt that it was a bit of a cheap out, and they charged quite a lot for what work they had put in. As a challenge to see how hard it would be I tried to replicate them, not to minute details but a general impression.

Not a fan of their flat mushrooms so I made mine a bit more meaty. Left the armour on the arm felt that sculpting the fur was more effort than it was worth. But added spikes on the top bit like the bracelet in forge worlds.
The warp stone bits at the ground was more pain than I expected. Tried making them out of leftover sprue bits but they ended up a to narrow and got a bit cluttered when encircle the arm. Made some bigger once out of erasers and left it at that.
I struggle keeping the straps sticking to the plastic so a lot of superglue splashed around at this one. Where worrying about keeping the straps straight and sharp. Later I saw that forge worlds weren't that much better.
Should have done smaller rivets on the arrow and stuff but I used what I got at home, could have done it out of green stuff but felt this was good enough.
Put all on bases because it's a joke trying to keep them standing without a base.
Wasn't sure how I felt about all these arms sticking up. They have started to grow on me and it is nice with the consistency.
That said I'm not going trying to sculpt a elf arm from scratch so this is the team marker for the Dark elves, until they get released. Going to try to freehand their logo on to the banners.
There isn't much holding the pieces together so I'm slightly concern about the durability.

I might pick up the dwarf box just to get the token and the balls and sell of the team since I already got a team in the works. Might be able to do something chaos dwarfy out of one of the tokens. My current plan is a standard bearer so more in lines with the dark elves token.


Militarum Auxilla Bullgryns

I had missed these coming out. I found them when I was hunting for Ironguts that apparently is web exclusive i.e. you can't get it from web stores, only from games-workshop.
I needed some more ogres and these come with tank tops which isn't that bad for blood bowl. I think they'll be a good base to work from.
A cloud moved over just as I was taking the photos so they are a bit grainy.
Bottom left corner two heads that I'll probably come to use might switch them round with otter ogre if I haven't already attached their heads.
Might be able to do something fancy with the armour.
Weird funky bit with the hat up in right corner.

I wonder why this guy receive less shielding in the to area of the shield seem like it might be better having it up on top rather than down by the feet.
A lot of spacey bits I'm wondering if I one day will find a use for...

A lot of spacey bits I'm wondering if I one day will find a use for...
Nice full beard on the guy top left corner, he will most likely also be drafted.
Instructional manual and three bases. Sadly not 32mm.