Militarum Auxilla Bullgryns

I had missed these coming out. I found them when I was hunting for Ironguts that apparently is web exclusive i.e. you can't get it from web stores, only from games-workshop.
I needed some more ogres and these come with tank tops which isn't that bad for blood bowl. I think they'll be a good base to work from.
A cloud moved over just as I was taking the photos so they are a bit grainy.
Bottom left corner two heads that I'll probably come to use might switch them round with otter ogre if I haven't already attached their heads.
Might be able to do something fancy with the armour.
Weird funky bit with the hat up in right corner.

I wonder why this guy receive less shielding in the to area of the shield seem like it might be better having it up on top rather than down by the feet.
A lot of spacey bits I'm wondering if I one day will find a use for...

A lot of spacey bits I'm wondering if I one day will find a use for...
Nice full beard on the guy top left corner, he will most likely also be drafted.
Instructional manual and three bases. Sadly not 32mm.


Dark Elves Blood Bowl Team

Blood bowl team sizes are way more manageable for my hobby speed. I've managed to complete two teams (Not painted yet but still, so lets pretend that I'll get that done before the end of the year) with in the first year of the re-release when I didn't even manage to finish one army before they cancelled warhammer fantasy.

Group shot. 15 players with assassin. Doubtful that the assassin will become drafted but if someone wants to experiment or try him out he's there. If the team needs the remaining two linemen I'll tackle the lack of legs when the team get there.
The assassin is from a adventurers box from back in 2000 for talisman?
Arms looks slightly over proportioned but actually it's the torso that is under proportioned. It's from the Doomfire Warlocks don't know why they are so small.
Back. I had to pose myself to figure out how to fix the shoulders. Hard to tell in this angle but hopefully they look alright when painted.
Here's the box.
These models have lots of character. The witch elf has been gifted away and borrowed out some others. With some luck I can get the halfling back. The two dwarfs will be featured in upcoming dwarf team.
Which elves for those who didn't catch them at the bottom of the unboxing post.
Not the easiest to see when sprayed black.
Linemen all girls, tried to get as many girls in the team as possible since that was preferred by the receiving coach.
Backs, just took of the vents and left it like that think it will work.
Second runner a bit behind since I ran out of legs. This guy got a pair of Dark Eldar Scourges legs. I was going to greenstuff shoes on him but then thought why not leave him barefoot he's a elf runner after all.
This girl got the legs previously preserved for the runner.
Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors legs.
Was going for a bit martial arts "come at me bro" pose (Like prometheus in the Matrix.), didn't resculpted the hands though. And a head tilted upwards since A lot of players are bigger and his collar would be a bit in the way otherwise.
Reconstructive butt-surgery. His crack used to be more prominent but decided to tone it down a bit. Added a bag to give some detail since all other players are caring around loads of stuff. Opted for not more vial belts since they are already sufficient represented. The dark patch on the bag is because I dropped it before it properly had set and some fuzz got stuck in it when I stepped on it. Didn't want to redo it completely so left it, drenched it in superglue and cut/scraped of until I got a smooth surface. Hopefully not noticeable once painted.
Black Guard helmets. Left most got Corsairs legs that I found in my bits box. So did I with the torsos that is a mix of cold one knights old spearmen and two that also might be cold one knights unclear due to it just being in a bag of bits.
The backs. Left most got a green stuff upper arm so he could fondle his hair. The rest of the arms are also just mix of dark elves arms I found.


Dark Eldar Wyches

So these will be the main bulk of the Dark Elves Blood Bowl team.

Linemen will have a different heads and maybe some arms.
Blitzers will have different body and heads. So the legs is the most desired bits in here.
Sadly not much of bent left arms.
Again sorry quality of the photos wasn't great.
Found the spiky arms a bit too spiky and haven't used the net arm feels like there is a good use for it out there so didn't want to waste it.
Will use two heads for runners since their lower armour value 7 they won't have helmets. 

Almost done with the team expect blog post in about a week.

And up see Part III


Witch Elves

Dark Elves team next up, for my other half. A lot at stake so I'm trying to make an extra effort. Bought some Witch Elves for just that, the two Witch Elves on the team and think I can make some cheerleaders out of them as well. So here is an in the box and will post a army break down later in August when I've hopefully finished the rest of the players.

Front cover
Alternative build/models
Banners and stuff
Other side
The picture quality isn't the best sadly but had already cut it up when I saw the pictures.
There isn't much of customisation sadly since each arm goes with a certain body. But instead you get very dynamically posed models.
Here are the two gals I picked for the job. Will have to cut down the rocks to a bit smaller size to be more likely on the pitch.

Part II   Part III


Chaos Dwarf Team Part 2

Conversions of the team is done:
16 players max Bull Centaurs (2) & Chaos Dwarf Blockers (6) and 8 Hobgoblins to fill the remaining slots until I pick up a minotaur or prefer to not have one on the team. Here are the conversions made:

I swapped out the Space Marine shoulder pad.
The guy with the arm in almost the same position. A bit hard to see the symbol on the helmet but it's suppose to be flames above the skull, it got a bit cramped but hopefully it will turn out alright with some paint.
Back. Tried to restore the scale mail but was a bit harder on the model rather than on my thumbnail but think it will be alright.
Trying to get a bit more light on the arm but not as good of an angle.
Wasn't quite happy with the taller shoulder spike so tried a broken off look.
From behind.
The Hobgoblins not being glued down have a tendency trying to lean forward to the border of doing a face plant. So there for the prodder.
Back shot.
Custom shoulder spike.
Bag for bribes or pocket sand.
Not sure about the hair is there any fluff addressing if it's hair squigs or if the chaos dwarf altered them through breeding making them able to grew hair?
And the back.
Sadly only got blurry shots. Drawing from the 4th sculpt. Gave him a stout shoulder spike, hat and some chain mail flaps on the side. Not my best chain mail but left it since I've got other teams to finish and doubtfully will draft all 8 hobgoblins and even less likely to field all 8.
Not as blurry back.
Again drawing from 4th sculpt. Stout shoulder shoulder spike, chain mail flaps, and some face guard and Some knee pads and straps.
From the back.
So 6 is the cap for dwarf blockers so the remaining two will get magnetised mutations. I didn't finish these two since I won't know when and what mutations it will be so better to get the team ready and can these when they are ready and can do it more personalised then as well.
Might feel a bit counterproductive that I've done hat change on these two as well but since I don't know who they will replace so don't want to field two of the same sculpt.
I think I like this claw better even if it's a bit ridiculously large.
I haven't made any tentacles or tails but will do that when I get there.

Glad to announce that the Name Generator is now updated to include Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins and many more races!