Squig conversion

Got some doublets of my squigs. One of them was a miss cast so he missed his slota and the peg to stand on, I thought he was good to start with. Searched around for some conversion ideas.

This one looked like a possible project. He's from warhammer online. Found it by google images search.

Took my squig and he got drilled and pined in the forehead and the foot.

Placed a pice of plastic on the base since the squigherd always have trouble ranking up. Then I pined through the plastic.
Squig in place.
Think it looks nice, he's leaning a bit forward to give the feeling of momentum as he charges towards the enemy.
Added the first layer of green stuff.
And the "gobbo bow snow sneaker" have been assembled.
When I searched around for squig pics I got a bit eager to try making a Mangler Squig. This guy got some nice results.
My Lizardmen Cold One got a bit smaler after a meeting with my bone saw.
The brown stuff is just some junk I tested to put together might become a table later on.

I need to put on some more layer green stuff on the horn before it looks the way I want it.

When that's done I will add some spikes to his back and belly.

Further progress seen in this post.

I just have to show you this Mangler Squig. More pics over here.


  1. Love the ingenuity! Can't wait to see the final results :)

  2. Thanks! :D I appreciate the feedback.
    I'll post as the project progresses.