Soon to be blue

I would need one of these to be able to take pics that don't get fuzzy.
 A package arrived in the mail. Can you guess what it is?
I give you a hint: Model kit

From China

How about now?
 Yep the bases where all wrong. Kinda annoying since you can't order them.
But got them cheap from ebay so what to expect?
I probably have to greenstuff together a 40mm and two 20mm bases, not too much of a problem though.

 "A snotling with mushroom, Gobbla and Skarsnick" x2

One for my friend and one for me. My Skarsnick will get a nice and cosy fur cloak.
 And not in the same package but still in the mail. Rock lobber or lobba as a gobbo would refer it to.

Look the crew goblin steps on a squig!

Squished squig.

And one where you can see the hole model, note the helpful snotling.

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