Battle for skull pass weapon swap

 Some gobbos ready to get armed.
I'm going with Chaos warrior Marauders weapons (bought on  eBay) since my goblins are from somewhere between Troll Country and Kislev they probably raided a camp or two, or might just have picked up some weapons dropped on the ground.

The swords are quite big though.
I was thinking to have it stuck in the ground and the goblin leaning on it, or  dragged behind.
 But it would be a shame to cut the sword.

This lad got an axe.
And to the right I found some Wood Elves swords. From the Glade Guard box and Glade Riders box. I think the leftmost is from the Glade Riders box and the other two from the Glade Guard.

*to the left: the Sword of Maybe Maybe Not
*in the middle: this is the same sword as the on the right, before I cut of the hand, arm and scraped of some details, (to make it look less elfy).
*to the right: the Sword of 77% Probability
The Sword of Maybe Maybe Not
without the arm.

The Sword of  Mostly Falsehoods

My friend convinced me to accept the over sized sword and go for goofy goblin.

Fear him, he carries the Sword of  Mostly Falsehoods. A sword tainted by the chaos gods them self. He swings it with all his might (S3) when he charges to battle. Videlicet a Night Goblin with hand weapon and shield, no more no less.

It's not glued yet, the rod won't show when the pieces are in place.

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