Rival tribe

 I was over at my friends place and his goblin army taking shape. The army theme is a swamp tribe in the deep forest.

His anvil unit is a hord of 60 goblins with bows and shield. Won't be charged by my gobbos anytime soon since stand and shoot. But wouldn't mind letting my manglers tast some of them if I could get them there without getting them killed.

I've found some feathers from my lizardmen bits, so he could make a forest goblin theme to match the spider riders and the aracnarok
The colourfull tattoos (and feathers) are also found on the spider riders and the giant.
And the swamp night goblins with nice and dirty yellow hoods to grey robes.

I hope to tie the armies together by some unspeakable wimpy excuse for feud in my fluff. Any good ideas?
I thinking in the lines of "cheating in a game of snotling v.s. hobbit barrel fighting" maybe?


  1. da swamp could be at da bottom of yer hills, 'avin' da run off from da meltin' snow could've been the begunnin of da swamp in da first place... WAAAGH!

  2. The swamp is located in the dark depths of Drakwald Forest in Middenland Empire. There is a quite long fluff document in the works but don't want to publish it yet since it's fragmentary and needs quite much work.
    (Sorry for the late respons)