"Bits and bobs"

Found these. And squig hoppers are quite expensive... more on this later..

There's a signature in the corner, all credit to him/her
 Found this on google, don't remember what I searched for. Quite liked his arms, cloud be something for my snow trolls. I've got a bloodbowl kroxigor with something simular on his arm see pic below. I think that ogres have somethinglike that to, I might try using the skull club from the giant boxset to do a mix of these two to on of my snow trolls?  

He got some sort of impaler on his arm. It's something like that I'm going for but with a skull. Might do a skull shoulder pad instead since it's easier.

The paint job isn't that good since Lizardmen was the first army I painted, and at the moment they just standing on the shelf.

Put together 5 Bloodletters if I 've ever need them. You never know when a daemon might come in handy. I bought the boxset to have my skinks massacred them. But since my Lizardmen is on hold, I figured how about some fanatic casualties?

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