Dwarf captive

Here comes some more of my awful sketches.
Yepp it's looks like something the cat threw up but don't worry, I will walk you through it find some pics of people done simulare things.

The idea is that two Night Goblins carry the dwarf prisoner from the Battle for Skull Pass (whose feet I have carved out). 

The problem that arose was that it doesn't look natural to carry something over their shoulders, since they doesn't have 90° angel on their elbows. The old Night Goblin box hade that however... Haven't figured out how to solve the problem.

Found in The General's Compendium 
Found almost the same thing that I'm going to do but with a hobbit instead.

Greenstuff the sleeves on the new Night Goblins might help, I'll try some things and see how it goes.


  1. Should the prisoner not be underslung on the pole unless you're making it a litter style contraption.

    I'd probably file out a groove down the back and then you can sit the model a bit more snugly to the pole and greenstuff (or equivalent) on some ropes going completely round it.

  2. Cool idea! Looking forward to seeing more than just your sketch :-p

  3. Thanks for the feedback it's highly appreciated!
    Yes my first thought was to have him hang under the pole as it's more realistic. I then realised that when they are placed in a 40men unit of night goblins it will be very hard to see what it is. So I will go with the more aesthetic way of have him on the pole I think. I've thought about a two pole method but still have the arm problems so haven't got any further.

    Yes I will greenstuff him to the pole. As you can see on my most beautiful sketch I there are some rope going around the pole so he's firmly secure.:)

    Sorry for my late response the first time I respond I forgot to post the comment apparently.