After one of my lessons in Göteborg/Gothenburg I snuck in to the games-workshop store while waiting for my train home. And there I found this lovely Night Goblin army by Joachim Wessmark.

 A really nice conversion on the doom diver.
Night Goblin Spider Riders.
Old Giant.
A really old fanatic. With yellow shoes.

The quality of the pictures is so poor since they are taken with my old dying phone and through the thick glas.

 A good variety of squigs, don't know how I feel about the concept of flying squig however.
Awesome Mangler squigs.

Quite expensive to make it.
Hoping for a good looking plastic kit in a near future.
 A colour full night goblin regiment. Love the mushroom standard! Surprisingly the pink and babyblue tie the regiment together and army.
 Sorry this one wouldn't focus. But it's the only pic where you can see the mushroom.
 From above, easier to see the different models.
Skarsnick and yummy gnobla.


  1. The blue and pink actually works really well with the black. Thanks for a little bit of inspiration!

  2. Yes it does. My first thought was that multiple colures on the hats would make the unit look incoherent, but I was proven wrong.