Chaos Dwarf Team Part 2

Conversions of the team is done:
16 players max Bull Centaurs (2) & Chaos Dwarf Blockers (6) and 8 Hobgoblins to fill the remaining slots until I pick up a minotaur or prefer to not have one on the team. Here are the conversions made:

I swapped out the Space Marine shoulder pad.
The guy with the arm in almost the same position. A bit hard to see the symbol on the helmet but it's suppose to be flames above the skull, it got a bit cramped but hopefully it will turn out alright with some paint.
Back. Tried to restore the scale mail but was a bit harder on the model rather than on my thumbnail but think it will be alright.
Trying to get a bit more light on the arm but not as good of an angle.
Wasn't quite happy with the taller shoulder spike so tried a broken off look.
From behind.
The Hobgoblins not being glued down have a tendency trying to lean forward to the border of doing a face plant. So there for the prodder.
Back shot.
Custom shoulder spike.
Bag for bribes or pocket sand.
Not sure about the hair is there any fluff addressing if it's hair squigs or if the chaos dwarf altered them through breeding making them able to grew hair?
And the back.
Sadly only got blurry shots. Drawing from the 4th sculpt. Gave him a stout shoulder spike, hat and some chain mail flaps on the side. Not my best chain mail but left it since I've got other teams to finish and doubtfully will draft all 8 hobgoblins and even less likely to field all 8.
Not as blurry back.
Again drawing from 4th sculpt. Stout shoulder shoulder spike, chain mail flaps, and some face guard and Some knee pads and straps.
From the back.
So 6 is the cap for dwarf blockers so the remaining two will get magnetised mutations. I didn't finish these two since I won't know when and what mutations it will be so better to get the team ready and can these when they are ready and can do it more personalised then as well.
Might feel a bit counterproductive that I've done hat change on these two as well but since I don't know who they will replace so don't want to field two of the same sculpt.
I think I like this claw better even if it's a bit ridiculously large.
I haven't made any tentacles or tails but will do that when I get there.

Glad to announce that the Name Generator is now updated to include Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins and many more races!

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