Witch Elves

Dark Elves team next up, for my other half. A lot at stake so I'm trying to make an extra effort. Bought some Witch Elves for just that, the two Witch Elves on the team and think I can make some cheerleaders out of them as well. So here is an in the box and will post a army break down later in August when I've hopefully finished the rest of the players.

Front cover
Alternative build/models
Banners and stuff
Other side
The picture quality isn't the best sadly but had already cut it up when I saw the pictures.
There isn't much of customisation sadly since each arm goes with a certain body. But instead you get very dynamically posed models.
Here are the two gals I picked for the job. Will have to cut down the rocks to a bit smaller size to be more likely on the pitch.

Part II   Part III

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