Ball handling!

The ball is still essential to this game if you want to win. I've heard several podcast discussing different markers for the ball. I like the balls that comes with the set but want the use of them to be a smooth experience, so magnets it is!

All players will have magnets under their bases for transportation and storage. So will probably not need a magnet in the surface of the base as I tried here. The one underneath will probably be strong enough to hold the ball through the base. All balls got drilled out and fitted with a magnet. The snow base is what I use to make sure that I don't mess up the polarities.
These 3 (6 if you count the duplicates) rubs me the wrong way. They are nicely posed but as we established the ball is an important piece so you don't want any confusion on who's holding the ball. There should only be one ball on the pitch (if there isn't more than one ball...)
So with a saw, a scalpel and some files the balls got removed. Orc thrower came out alright after the operation. Ironical skulls added since GW missed a opportunity to add skulls to these models... And a random goblin that been armed with a sword from a very old skeleton kit.
The human hands and fingers proved a bit more squishy than the orc hand. So added back a green stuff thumb and tried out some brown stuff to fix up the throwers palm.
And magnets as you probably could see it coming miles away or if you follow me on twitter you would have seen it there while I finished it. There is a widget with my tweets some where here in the sideboard
Can't point to the right height because it depends on how long of a quote you get at the top.
And with balls when they actually are carrying the ball.

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