The Dwarf Giants

Bought these since I wanted the balls & the team tokens/counter and wouldn't mind the coin. I got some old 5th ed plastic dwarfs I'm going to convert up for a team, but I want to support Games-Workshop's release of Blood Bowl so they don't drop the ball again.

So my plan was to paint up the team to the paint scheme on the box and sell them off. I've been considering leaving it to paint it to requested colour scheme but that would mean a bit of a time pressure on getting them done in a reasonable time frame.
I've been considering that I would be able to convert up one team token for my chaos dwarfs but not sure what it would hold rather than a tankard, probably a forging hammer.
Transfer/decals, assemble instructions team roster and bases, all the usual.
The face on the coin is actually protruding out higher than the rim so it can't lay flat face down and doesn't  stack up well with other coins if it's not on top. The goblin coin suffers from the same issue.
It's nice that you get two different heads for your slayers so even do they are slightly ridiculously posed they look unique. Same with the blitzers. Another great value box.

So if you are interested in this dwarf team painted or unpainted let me know. At some point I will put up a trading page with things I got for trade and things I'm looking for.

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