Kurnoth Hunters

Halflings can have two treemen on their roster and hire Deeproot Strongbranch as a star player so that makes three treemen needed for a full house. I like the look of the new treemen but they are way to big for the pitch. Would like something ogre size maybe a bit taller if possible.

Three treemen you say?
Been thinking about these for awhile but not been sure about scale but took the plunge now.
Again haven't sorted out my photo shooting situation might be the thing that gets me to actually do a light box. But need to make it collapsable due to my current living arrangements, so that complicates it slightly.
There are some pictures of these sprues on Games-Workshops website but not from both sides. And can be nice to have some different pictures, it can help when trying to figure out what some bits are.
There is bits for all three weapon choices and extra bits for if you don't want to build the champion.
Quite a lot of sprites.
Think I've decided to go with dark grey with a red stripe down the middle for my halflings so the treemen going to be dark brown with greyish brown on the bits that looks like armour pads and then red markings and red autumn leaves.
Back in 7th ed fantasy I was talking about making a tree for my wood elves with a electrical blue hearth bit in the middle of the hollow trunk. They seem to have gone down the same route with these models see Piece 61, so think I'm going to honor that plan and keep it blue not sure if I'm going to sculpt something on the front of the torso though, it is quite a big hole.
Full colour instructions, not what I expected.
The scale is alright but this shoot highlighted something I hadn't considered; how it would fit on the base. The two other models only stand on one leg so think they'll be alright but need to have a think on what to do about this guy.

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