Dwarf Team

Picture of my previous mentioned dwarf team in the works.

5th ed (warhammer fantasy) dwarfs. I like their jovial look. Haven't decided if I should add horns for the linemen helmets, like in 3rd edition (blood bowl). Like them without the horns but need my runners to stick out some how, been toying with the idea that the runners will hold tankards.
Due to not having my normal standard on the photo set up, I include another picture so you can see the best of both.
The back
So not much work done yet, just removed the axes and cleaned up both sides of the hand.
Here is my second slayer, the other slayer discussed in previous post is from Games Day 2006.
Not much work needed here, just a snip of the axe. Think a slayer will be dedicated enough to tattoo his positional numbers, so that could be some fun.
He's from the adventurers box for talisman I think. Pictures of the box can be found here.
Blitzer from the same box. I like this guy a lot. A bit sad about removing his axe but when painted up and in the team it will be justified.
From the back.
At the moment I'm thinking of building my second blitzer from this guy. He doesn't quite fit in with the rest but if I use previous blitzer as a reference I might be able to blend him in enough.
Got tokens and balls from the Dwarf Giants box and got four of these that will do well as reroll tokens. They come from the Battle for Skull Pass starter set
Picked up this miner musician to act as a cheerleader.
There is a slayer musician I want to add as well, I'll see if I can find him cheap on ebay.
Here are some other dwarfs I thought might come in handy for things but they are newer editions so don't quite fit in. But second from the left is probably gonna be the coach. Second from the right I thought about putting on a steamroller.

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