Terrain thoughts

If I'm going to talk about terrain I has to mention this one even if it's 40k Games workshop in ruins.

Idea for a tower might try to make it. Since pocket tower and watchtower senario I might come in handy.
Another Pic a bit different design, think I like the first better. This one is a bit simpler might be a combination?

 Tested too make the top in cardboard just for scale and method experiment.
Went for a walk and gathered some materials for the tower.
Wall ass turncounter? Have some old grey walls (don't know what material, seems quite foamy. Lots of bubbels, hard but not brittle.) with static grass on the base from games workshop before the plastic once came out. So just cover the grass with some baking powder snow mix, and some on the top. Then I'll probably paint the details left out, like skulls of barrels.
Not the best concept art but sufficient to just remember the idea.

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