My first attempt sculpting, so listening to all advice of "starting small like fixe some joints" I started of trying to sculpt a squig. 

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artist unknown.

The reason I went for sculpting a squig was part for the discussion I had with my friend about how expensive a squig herd is, and part how easy these two make it look:                                                                              ⬆

The small round balls are going to be a snow lantern hopefully lit by a blue or yellow LED. 

In the back of the tray you can see a milk tankard.

The clay is some sort of paperclay so it beacomes very light when dry.

And here we see that I f#cked up the squig by not wait for the clay to dry before adding the legs… But made a snowman ready to be pushed by snotlings, a goblin wading in snow, a goblin stumbling in snow, a goblin covered in snow, a goblin in disguise as a snowman. 

As you can see I fixed the underside of the feet on the stumbling goblin which where damaged by removal of slotta bar and they where to flat to look natural.
 Snowman close up.
 Squig from behind.


  1. This project is looking better and better! Looking forward to seeing the Gobbos painted up!

  2. @FBroundup Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for the comment, if I had a special price you would have won it :).