More metal

 Some more miniatures have arrived.

Here is 3 of the 5 blisters that came in the post.

Goblin Ballista from Gamezoneminiatures       The ballista brought some interesting surprises. I didn't watch the video of the model before I placed the order. So I had no clue about the vampire. Now I can weave in Vampire Counts in my fluff, so thats nice.                                                           Gamezones goblins are more in line with Aly Morrison and Brian Nelson Night Goblin Box size scale rather than the new Night Goblin box by Brian Nelson and Dave Thomas wich are smaler in size.                                                                        But it doesn't mater that much, the command group I bought might look a bit odd, time will tell how I handle that problem.

Goblin Duel from Freebooterminiatures     Freeboterminiatures on the other hand have a slightly smaler size scale on their goblins than the new 

night goblin box. This duel take place on a orc base 25x25. I'll paint them as snotlings instead, so they will work as orc bully that not whip the goblins in to good labor rather amuse them for good moral.
The metal is very soft, probably more lead than gws metal. It's easy to mess up the figure when cutting away excess metal.

 Cucaracha from Freebooter's Fate        
 This one I don't know if I will paint as a snotling or as a goblin. It's also mounted on 25x25mm base. So this one also will be an orc bully rule wise. Cooking because a gobbo will filled belly work better than a gobbo working on empty stomach.

Really nice details.

Size comparison.

 Goblin Shaman Wolf Rider from Gamezoneminiatures
When I was putting my list together I found out it's not able to have a night goblin shamen on a wolf so don't know how I will do with this one. But it's cool.


Offensive Goblins from Gamezoneminiatures

My Night Goblin will take Moon to a new level. If I will have a old night goblin regiment these guys will lead them for better size comparison, as you can see.

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