Short update

Found this:

It was on sale but still $30 for a box (price before sale $38). But still so tempting to make a nice snowy landscape in there and then be able to take nice pictures of my miniatures.
 I always wanted on of these but made for my Warhammer. This is a piece my friend use to take pictures of model train and train carts that his dad sells at eBay. To bad I don't have any pictures of it zoomed out or from the side but you get the idea, it's a background and the object is elevated.

This is an awful drawing, it's nice that you can draw on an iPhone but is never going to look nice drawing with your fingers.

As you can sort of see it's a cliff wall and then a terras with som foliage, grass, bushes, trees. And then the cliff wall continues. And the one to the right is an attempt to illustrate it from the side.

Skull Pass Demo Board
Here is a simular thing but not elevated, which is easy added however.

And I just hade an awesome idea how about if you made it so you could field it as a terrain piece?

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