Goblin Team

Here is a progress update on a Goblin team I've been working on. A friend wanted to give goblins a go, so I'm making them to her preference since we agreed the newly released was a bit to armoured and serious. Inspiration was Godlings in the Witcher, mad evil garden shed scrap goblins and American Mcgee's Alice, Mad Hatter. 

Linemen. I'm thinking Mad Hatter as the team captain but he might take the role as Uligan, not sure yet.
More line gobbos. I've been using the bodies mainly from the very old Goblin regiment box and the three grotz bodies you see here from 40k Ork Gretchin- and a mix of heads from the two boxes. 
Two trolls. From the Battle for Skull Pass starter box. I want a fish for the bucket. Bucket is from the empire cannon set. I haven't figured out what to do about the other guy yet, but going to give them both a bit of snow troll pelt. 
Start of the Mad hatter. A cog from my bit box probably from a clock or watch. Probably going to do a bit of green stuff work on his face and ears. 
Filed down the rim of the helmet to a hat rim going to green stuff the edge smooth. The base for the hat is a brush protector.
Fanatic and Bombardier. 
Seen a lot of people using this cow from the giant kit as fanatic object to swing but find it too big. I cut the stone head to size of the normal balls for fanatics but found it too small so wanted something in between. 

Fanatic from Zarbag's Gitz which has a quite sizeable ball.  
I would say our goblin is a bit larger so my stone doesn't seem so oversized. 
0.5mm drill bit to pin the two pieces of chain together. 
Looks alright I think next to one of his colleagues. 
Doomdiver and 'Ooligan. I went with a night goblin for the 'Ooligan because of the fan favourite. Since my night goblin army is the main home crowd that makes sense to me and who doesn't love a night goblin? You can see about the Gamezoneminiatures blister he came from here.
And the bad moon attribution to the disturbing presence. 
Pogoer  and chainsaw looney from 2nd edition. It might be a bit heathenous to be hacking away at these old miniatures but I've never been a big fan of the hair squig ponytail look so I gave the looney a haircut. 
Two cheerleaders and turn/score marker.

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