Goblins Part II

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I wanted to use the creepy pointy fingers from the archer in the old night goblin set designed by Aly Morrison and Brian Nelson in late 1990s. As you can see the linemen have been equipped with number tags in the style of the Orphans from Alice: Madness Returns 

I secured the hand with a pin and some cloth wrappings.

I've started to build up the fingers on the Bommas throwing hand.

Non of the positionals have received any number tags- thought I'll add the number on their equipment to make them a bit more separate from the linemen.

I got some dwarven dynamite sticks that I want to add to the bomma but not sure if I should add them to a strap/pouch on his hip or to the barrel. I'll see how things look once I've got the barrel in place. 

I've started adding straps to the bomb barrel for the Bomma 

Greenstuff barrel bottom glued in place

Starting to clean up the joints on Yokohama (kyodo) minazo the snow troll.
I still need to figure out how much fur I'm adding.

And started the arms of his buddy.

I started trimming the rim of the Mad Hatters hat

And gave him a bit of a nose job. I might do something about the ears as well I'll see how I feel about it later on.

Some more line men. The guy to the left has had some surgery done to his thumb that still needs a bit of cleaning up. 40k grots seem to have fingers pointing in all manner of directions, fantasy is way more reliable to have a closed fist.

The middle guy still needs a bit of the back of his skull filling in.

And some more linemen. To the left we've got an archer that had his fist a bit repositioned to be more in line with a punching motion.

I've got another lineman that still needs a number tag and some work doing to him, but that's for next post. 

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