Chaos Warhounds

From a peak at 1700 page views per month we are now down to 500 per month. The drop of Age of Sigmar annihilated my reader base even do I thought most of my readers were more hobbiest than gamers. Though if they were in to the fluff like me I understand them. So I don't know if I should direct my content more towards Age of Sigmar or The 9th Age or Warhammer 8.5 or fluff preservation or more general hobby like this:

I saw this in a window at the violin making department at my school. I'm planning on doing a similar one for my future shop window, but more of a replica of my workshop.
I was always fond of stuff like this as a child.
So not to rant on too much some actual business: These Chaos Warhounds came in the Chaos Warriors Battalion bought for my plan for Warriors of Sigmar... Seems Games Workshop liked the Idea and made the Stormcast...
I have no definite plans for them at the moment where trying them out as wolfs for my gobbos before the Fenrisian Wolves came out.

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