Electronic Tinkering

So my project broke during the move. And broke once more after re-glued so keeping them separate for now.
Slot for battery stack and drilled a slot for on off mushroom. Became a bit askew so altered it a bit and will clean it up with some green stuff when finished.
Stripped down a USB cable for some wires.
Here is the on off latch. The third stub fell down into the carpet so had to remake so a bit different as you can see. It's main purpose is to hold the switch in place while gliding back and forth, so won't matter much.
This is the bit that connects the two lines and slides back and forth to break the connection. I greenstuffed a pin to it since it so small solder might have drowned it and glued didn't want to hold it.
A bit closer don't know if it is any better but included the to compensate for the poor quality.
A bit hard to see but here are the latch in place, (metal up) not glued in place but works with slot. Now only a thing to hold the batteries in place is missing. Didn't have time for that this time so the project continues.

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