Snotling Pump Wagon & Misc

Let's do some in the boxing. Ordered this mainly for the snotlings and to fill out my order I made for (covered in next months in the box) Dwarf Miners.
I will make use of the wagon parts when converting up the new Scraplauncher. Thinking of going a bit in the direction of the old Pump Wagon with a roof, we'll see. My first Failcast / Finecast I think.
Got away without any major miscasts, I think.

Since the wheels are replaced with skies on all wagons and chariots,  I'll be left with a lot of wheels that I have to come up with a use for.
Even though expensive,  it was enough to push it over the edge for free shipping, so still worth it: Long bases to make some rows in the regiments look more alive.
 Got a 40k pin yay...?
Picked up some Warmaster from eBay to use for campaign markers and stuff like that. Haven't opened it yet but hope you can see the awesome details still, like the boss riding a squig.
And on unopened old blisters I have this laying around a High Elf Bolt Thrower from 1995?

If anyone is looking for this it's up for grabs. Was thinking on putting up it on miniswap on reddit or something, because I been looking for a oop Night Goblin Character sometimes called shaman but has what looks like a double moon halberd. So even if you're not interested in the bolt thrower give me a shout if you got a goblin you're willing to part with. I'm also looking for an alternative model of a goblin riding in the mouth of a big squig, probably based on something out of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. So if you got any of those two or want the bolt thrower feel free to contact me through any of the following: Comments, Twitter, contact page or contact button in the side column.

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