Back To School

I just got back so haven't had much time since last. But some things have happened:

I have tried the 3 first test scenarios of Age of Sigmar. It was clear that it was made to sell Stormcast since they were the once suppose to win the games when paying. I however am not of fan of Space Marines so opted for the Khorne marauder guys. First scenario Space Marine on pinioned dragon against a dude with a wipe and his brute. I got first turn tried to put up a fight but there wasn't much of a chance but yeah these are to learn the rules I know.

2nd is what you see in the picture (I was going to take better pictures afterwards but didn't happen). The angles was going to go across the table and I had to stop them. He decided to try to attack one of my groups, because he didn't want to step into the space in between the two. I got annihilated, the whole group gone only chance I should have had where if they had been together but scenario stated they had to deployed 18" apart or something like that.

3rd scenario. Got some new troops. He was suppose to survive a certain nr of waves. He gives me the first turn I think I have to get as much out of it as possible since my troops resets at the boardline after 3 turns maybe? So runs up as far as possible. Think he charges me in his turn to try to take of some of my guys, when I strike back I kill all of his guys except the healer whom no doesn't have troops to heal... He dies next turn. We now get distracted by the notion of food and didn't feel compelled to get through the rest of the scenarios afterwards. I still want to give it a proper try but both felt a bit burned after this I think. I know this are just scenarios to ease you in to the game, but these are the games you base your first opinion of the game on. I'm not impressed. My beloved  fantasy was rich and deep not without it's flaws but there was so much details to it. This newcomer feels sloppy and incomplete.

But as I said I'll keep going with my goblins like nothing happened. Removed a spear.
 And a Bow
To give this guy some arms to build with. First now that I realise how big the snow lantern is but it will be fine. Lucky for him I didn't have a big enough drill bit. Need one that will make a hole big enough to fit the batteries in. When I get one I'll give this guy a good drilling that give him trouble walking and sitting for a while.

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