Dwarf Miners

Blank boxes wonder if they repacked them with Duardin, or if that won't happen until they get a wave and book with scenarios?
So there is loads of neat extra bits in this set and you get two of each sprue so double the bits, yay!
With two ponies from here and probably two from Battle for Skull Pass I should have enough for a good sized trade caravan for a scenario game or two. Have seen a couple different centered around that if I remember correctly, think one was in the general's compendium from back in the day.
Here is the bit that I was the most interested in. He's sitting with his back turned so easier to see on the next picture.
Third bit from the bottom to the left. And underneath him is a cage he goes in. Since you get two of the sprue it twice as awesome. Will paint him up proper greenskin since he's captured from rival tribe.  
Instructions and since this was before Age of Sigmar dropped, still my beloved square bases from a world that once was.
Bought some plastic rods at the local hobby shop for some conversions. Thought it might come in handy to cut off small discs to glue on like nailheads and bolts for a good greenskin construction feel.
Got 3 chariots and 2 pump wagons to finish so when I get to them I'll post some pictures of in use.

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