Live Under A Rock

So, not the best time going abroad for a long time without internet. Yeah, the last 4 posts have been schedule if you missed that. I'm quite gutted that they've just scraped all the fluff. I haven't tried out Age of Sigmar, am a bit burned and since I'm quite isolated I have no one to test it with. So won't judge it yet. 

However I know I want to finish my goblins so I'll just keep going like nothing happened. And then if nothing have happened before they're finished, I'll probably make a Blood Bowl team of goblins and a Mordheim team. When all that is done, we'll see where we are. 

Note that I started with Warhammer in 6th edition and it got scrapped before I finished a complete army... My Lizardmen got close, but grew my army and changed colour scheme several times. Wood Elves got started but fizzled out with 8th edition. And goblins are still trucking on. Toying with the idea of making a Wood Elf force for Age of Sigmar or Sylvaneth, whatever they call them now. Got some "Aelf" Dragon Princes of Caledor that might be something to squeeze in there also. We'll see where it goes.

Planning on buying the iBooks version of End Times and the other books still available when I can afford it, if ever. Through focus on conserving old Warhammer fluff, I've started to expand my quotes widget and make it accessible like a lexicon or something like that. With the lack of internet and hobby stuff on my work trip I have gathered quotes, at moment it's up to about 260. Have started on the code for the "lexicon" but it will be a rather small project compared to the name generator. 

Speaking of the name generator, it's based on old fluff names but hope age of Sigmar players will still make use of it, so all the work spent on it wasn't in vain. With the small model count all models deserve a good name, right? 

And some progress from before the Norway trip. 
There will be a goblin building the snow lantern.

This time I made sure the bases were level when making a double base, however the surface wasn't level when I took the picture so it looks a bit wonky. Sawed of the sides facing each other and glued some plastic card to hold it in place. Will cover it with greenstuff later.
A LED light inside. Will try to fit the batteries inside the gobbos robe, if it's possible.
And a chip that makes it flicker for a more realistic fire experience. Oooh fancy...

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