Orc boar chariot

Getting settled in in Newark England this month and with school starting up it's a bit hectic, so no hobby time this month but there's loads of pictures in my blog que to write about so fret not. I'm a bit late to get to the blog this month however so I chose something simple: Orc boar chariot
I found this cheap on ebay. I will convert up some wolf chariots sleds with Fenrisian Wolves pulling them. Not sure about doing the whole sled from scratch so bought this to have something to compare to and work with. Thinking of doing 3 or 4 I think.

I probably won't use the harnesses I think I will use something similar to the wolf chariots yoke. I think that a padded harness not looks a bit not in line to the ways of Gork n' Mork.
Will use the main body of the chariot tho.
Since it will be a sled the wheels will neither be used.
Not sure about the standard feels a bit to orcy I think.
Since I didn't want them my girlfriend wanted them. She have painted up one of them but wanted the other one to be a angel pig with wings. So after weighing how much work it would be to make wings by hand from greenstuff I ordered some pegasus wings for it but haven't got around to fixing him up yet, and it's still back in Sweden so won't be in a while.

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