In the Cradle

I Stumbled on to Games Workshops investors information while looking for some place to get bits, there seems to be a lull in the bits supply on eBay. Might be the games-workshop ban on selling bits scaring people.
But back to the site I found, according to link so did Games-Workshop start out the production in Newark before moving it to Nottingham. So I’m living more in the cradle of Warhammer than I realised. Despite this I still having trouble to find a good place to get Warhammer stuff. So my dear readers do you know any place where you could buy used models and bits for conversions?

I brought my trolls to England. So This is the state they're in. Starting to switch in some Ogre lower jaws to give them some different beards.
To the right just barely in frame you see a bucket (from Empire Great Cannon set) for my homage to yokohama (kyodo) minazo
Still need to sculpt a gold fish or find one that fits.
At the moment I'm looking for the puke from the river trolls box set and the old troll with a club.
I went in to gw store and asked if they had the fine cast of these troll and apparently they no longer are selling them... (Nope still for sale, Red-Shirt not knowing what he's talking about, shame on him!)

I've found both the troll and the puke on eBay. But the troll is "pro-painted" and cost loads to ship from US. And the puke is from France and I need to pay more in shipping than for the bit it self.

When I lived in Sweden I used to see loads of warhammer that was on eBay but where only shipped within UK what happened to all those sellers?

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