Nagash in detail

As you all know Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead is back, the end times is here. So I thought we could have and in-depth look at the model.

Upon his brow sits the Crown of Sorcery, while his hand grips Alakanash, the Staff of Power and Zefet-nebtar, the Mortis Blade.

Oh did you think it was going to be the new plastic kit, sorry but stick around and we can count the skulls and see which is the true representation of the Supreme Lord of the Undead.
He used to be on a 40mm base and is about 100mm tall from foot to the top of his staff.

Now days he's on a 150mmx100mm base and huge.
Chest front.
A mere single animal skull
Chest back
Thats a relief they manage to put a skull on the back to.
Head front.
So the head is one and there is one on the top of the chaos dwarf stile hat, if you look closely there is skull pattern on the cone. I give you the honour of counting them.
Head back
The pattern continues around so count forth.
Staff front.
Skull head on the bird. Skull on the plint/pyramid. One pile of skulls on either side of the plint. One emblem beneath and our skull pattern continues here on the shaft.
Staff back.
A emblem on the back.
Staff top.
For you who like to try to count the skulls in the piles.
Skull as the pommel.
Better shown below.
The typical power glove from the 80s style.
Small skulls as rivets on the belt and two skull amulets
Skull on the girdle and the belt continues with two more amulets
Skull on the book.
Skull below the crossbar on the knife.
A bit blurry but one on top of the pommel.
I found Nagash in a thrift shop.
It was not what I expected when I found these two boxes. They didn't contain their original content but some poorly painted miniatures. I've started to strip of the paint from Nagash and some of the others but not done yet as you could see there was some paint left in the recesses.
This was the box that I entered Warhammer with. I liked dragons so I wanted a army with a dragon, but my friend tricked my to buy his Lizards since they was almost a bit like dragon, only some time later I realised that Lizardmen was one of the few armies that don't have a dragon...
I found Nagash together with this guy, a bunch of undead, enamel paint and a some high elves silver helm bits.
Old command for some something like grave guard I would guess.

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