Moved out of my apartment this month. Been packing this month so not much time for hobby. Hobby supplies took up more boxes than expected and surpassed the boxes of models which I wasn't expecting so might be good to know for you who might be moving.

Not much hobby since everything was packed away, and too lazy no inspiration to write about some of my old stuff in the picture queue. I did however put together a quotes generator for the blog. At the moment it randomise between 41 different educational quotes from:
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Old World Bestiary, 2nd Edition, By T.S. Luikart and Ian Sturrock; Tome of adventure; Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Gathering Storm; “Skarsnik” by Guy Haley; ”The Battle for Skull Pass.” by Nathan Long; ”Scrolls of Binding.” by Games Workshop Ltd and Warhammer online age of reckoning.

Fear not I have some pictures for you! These two was the last I was working on before I packed away all my stuff.  They're not finished yet, they still need some details, flames on their hoods and stuff.

 Gobbo gone fishing.
Blue snow angels

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