Cyclops & Shrooms

So I did some greenstuff on the cyclops and two objective markers inspired by two scenes out of this clip by Weebl:(Loud and a bit obnoxious you might want to mute.)

I choose "But we've got a big knife!!!" and "Hey, we're fungus!" thought they made for decent markers.

Greenstuff around the eye. And some mushroom stalks for the "But we've got a big knife!!!" marker.
Some greenstuff in the gap on the attached arrow arm on an other archer.
I did cut up "two-handed" bow to get an arm for a squig hopper, so got that arm holding an arrow left and stuck it on an archer.
Small stalks and the large ones for "We're fungus!!!"
Close up of the poorly done job on the shoulder. I'll cut off excess plastic and if needed maybe some liquid greenstuff.
When the greenstuff had set I added some caps to the stalks. But dropped the base with the small mushrooms when I was going to take the pictures so mushrooms flew everywhere...

And the cyclops got his hood repaired.
The remainders of the little shrooms.
Will separately paint up those mushrooms that fell of and then add them together with an ogre knife on the painted base.

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