Cyclops and the Griffon

So I felt like having a cyclops goblin in my army. Found a suitable victim, took out my pin vice / hand drill, a hobby knife and a file. I shortened the nose a bit and lower the nose bridge to make room for the eye socket. Had some trouble before finding a right size eye, I could have made one out of green stuff but went with this needle head. This will make it easier to separate the greenstuff eyelids if I'm not satisfied.
I had to cut out a part of the hood to get the eye down but will just greenstuff the hood back when I'm done with the greenstuff around the eye. Will get to the green stuff when I'm doing some more greenstuff, I feel it's to small of a project to do separately.
In July 2012 I got this with the mail.
A High Elf Lord on Griffon from Island of Blood starter box set. You can pick them up quite cheap on eBay. I had been looking for a good griffon since I saw this Harry Potter themed Night Goblin army. Found one at reaper miniatures, but wasn't sure on the scale and with shipping it became quite expensive compared to the Island of Blood griffon.
So I made a mock up of what I wanted. But wasn't satisfied with the pose and it felt like a a to big of a project, so I put it on hold. Then Empire got their new Griffon, I thought their old stubby or a bit newer slender one might have worked for my gobbos. But this new one is way to big but Wow so cool. I was determined to get my griffon together and have something maybe not as amazing and glorious but almost, almost.

So now about 2 years later I get out my bone saw and starts chopping. We'll see how far I get before I run out of steam.

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