Fulcrums on Blue Tablecloth

Today we take a look inside the box again. Viz.: Eternity Stair & Dreadfire Portal. Not so timely but at the time being it was.

The box, front and back, with some professional flash flare.

Side and stairs of the Eternity Stair
With some skulls on the stairs of course.
Inside not much to see here.

Base, top stairs, platform and gargoyles.

 Bottom/inside again not much to see.

Dreadfire portal


Seen some nice ideas how you can convert this set if you don’t want to use it right out of the box, I don't have any links but both The Storm of Magic and the Blood in the Badlands Books have some pics. I personally am planning on changing the pillars on the Dreadfire Portal to a archway from the old warhammer fantasy roleplay adventure game. In the Storm of Magic Book there is several eternity stairs put together which looks really cool but I'm not buying more sets just to make a taller stair. Both pieces are still tall enough to give a decent line of sight blockage. Anyway I can go on talking about conversion opportunities but this is what's in the box.

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