Reverse Engineering Sort Of

So here are some more in the box pics again. And no I'm not playing or planing on venture in to warhammer 40 000 ( 40k ) but I think that a large statue would look cool and I like the two headed eagle symbol.

Front of the box and of course the classy flash flare
Back of the box
Statue sprue, the backside isn't sculpted, so no you can't use the sword without greenstuffing a backside to it. There is an little electron thingy on the sword I'll scrape of otherwise I think it will look quite ok as it is.

Eagle sprue. The window haven't been filled properly because problem in casting, a bit sad but can't be bothered trying to get a replacement. Got rather poor experience with the games-workshop customer support. Had rather long email contact that promised base to my skarsnick, which came without one, but I never received anything. There are bullet holes in the rubbel that I'm going to put arrows in.
Size comparison. Old and trusty Bretonia archer from the 5th edition 1996 Bretonia Lizardmen starter set. And next to him is the statue from the Garden of Morr (in the box coming to a web browser near you soon...)

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