Gamers Valentines Gifts

So since it's common knowledge that it's the nerds that gets the chicks here are a valentine special on how to solve the gift without leaving the painting table.

If your good at free hand you might just paint something but that's no fun.

I gave it a try just to test. Never done free hand however. Layering seams to work alright even it's only two dimensions.

If you got some sculpting clay you could try to sculpt something pretty and then paint it.

Failed attempt tried to make the smaller hearths look like they where carved out of the large one but it looks more like an ashtray than anything else.

If you want to give away jewellery, miniature food is a thing of high value apparently.  When I saw the price tag of these in the gift shop at Louisiana in Denmark, I was rather shocked when I realized there might be money to be made in this hobby. So get your sculpting tools out and get busy.

Rings. If I remember correctly the price tag is in euro, this was 30th July 2011 so think the euro had a higher value back then.
The only info in the mounter was on a ring design by Hanan Emquies don't know if that means all thing in the mounter are of that designer or not.

If flowers are your thing but want a specimen with a bit more longevity with out need of extensive care:

This will be the flower pot. So put some clay or green stuff in the thimble and put some wire/bent paperclips in it to make the frame of the plant.

Half of my clay stuck in the thimble but no biggy. I took it out so I could prime it without spraying the thimble. I'll glue it back when it's finished.

And a link back to our birch stuff. Painted the leaves before gluing them in place since will be lots of leaves hard to reach otherwise.

When the leaves are painted, get your tweezers out, some glue and not to forget lots and lots of patience. 

Gave it a wash which also gave the leaves a bit less dry look, and gave the dirt a bit attention. Which by the way was some small pebbles and sand glued on top of the clay. Then washed down from brown to a more blacker tone. 

Really bad photo but just to show that I added a ribbon with a bow.

So there you have it hope you got some ideas.


  1. Nice! Gave me some inspiration to paint.