Some cutting & converting

Ok more like weapon swapping but that doesn't sound as catchy.
So what we will be doing is just a easy weapon swap for the battle for skull pass spear goblin to hand weapon.

So Started out checking what I already pair together and looked what faces and shields where already paired. I won't go in to detail about this process since I already done in my Comparison of Battle for Skull Pass and the Night Goblin Box

Get out your bone saw and saw the spear arm off.


I would recommend to pin the arm, but you could just glue it in place. And that easy you got a hand weapon goblin. This leaves you bodies in the regiment box for differently posed archers, spear men, nets and stuff to vary your Skull Pass.

Depending on the angel you cut of the spear arm you might need to do some filling with green stuff for a smother fit. I made some green stuff pouches to some goblin from the night goblin box, while the green stuff where out. No master pieces but practice makes master as they say.

Quite easy, make a tear shape bob press it at a point to the belt. Poke something with a point down where the opening would be and the ad some fold to the top and maybe some wrinkles to the lower part of the pouch.  Don't know if I make any sense but hope it could help a little.

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