Battle postponed due to Zombies

So the army all packed and ready for departure. Tickets booked and gets a call from my friend via Skype. My greeting gets a rasping hissing response from my coughing zombified friend. So it doesn't look to good but we might get a game in over universal battle if he fills a bit better in a few days.

If you don't know what universal battle is check it out at www.universalbattle.com It makes it easy to get a game in even if it's geographically inconvenient or like in this case your mate gets bit by zombies. It's an shared table top where you could move around a virtual representation of your army, a built in dice roller and other necessary tools, just add Skype and you are ready to go, there is a chat if you don't want to use Skype for some reason but I find text conversation tedious and a bit antisocial.

I'll try to post my army list tomorrow since it's done. It's no power list, simply some stuff I like to field, fits my army theme and just what takes my fancy.

The main bulk of the army. So yep not all painted but I'm working on it and no point of rushing to get it done if it gets all sloppy and not properly painted. We feel it's better to take time and get satisfied with the result.


  1. can you make a post with pictures of wich unit? please XD

    1. Sorry for the late respons. All my models are packed away at the moment. I'll try to get some pictures when I get a chance to take them out and do some hobbying. Posted some old pictures in my latest post http://goo.gl/8Zg0h not what you asked for but maybe better than nothing?