Squig conversion

Got some doublets of my squigs. One of them was a miss cast so he missed his slota and the peg to stand on, I thought he was good to start with. Searched around for some conversion ideas.

This one looked like a possible project. He's from warhammer online. Found it by google images search.

Took my squig and he got drilled and pined in the forehead and the foot.

Placed a pice of plastic on the base since the squigherd always have trouble ranking up. Then I pined through the plastic.
Squig in place.
Think it looks nice, he's leaning a bit forward to give the feeling of momentum as he charges towards the enemy.
Added the first layer of green stuff.
And the "gobbo bow snow sneaker" have been assembled.
When I searched around for squig pics I got a bit eager to try making a Mangler Squig. This guy got some nice results.
My Lizardmen Cold One got a bit smaler after a meeting with my bone saw.
The brown stuff is just some junk I tested to put together might become a table later on.

I need to put on some more layer green stuff on the horn before it looks the way I want it.

When that's done I will add some spikes to his back and belly.

Further progress seen in this post.

I just have to show you this Mangler Squig. More pics over here.


Playing with Green Stuff

Some green stuffed Goblins.

From left to right:
The Sword of Maybe Maybe Not
The Sword of  Mostly Falsehoods
Goblin with Marauder axe
Goblin (bow) with scarf over his mouth and nose
An old goblin from 4th edition starter box converted to a night goblin
Goblin (spear) with scarf over his mouth and nose

From left to right:
The Sword of  Mostly Falsehoods
Goblin with Marauder axe
Goblin (bow) with scarf over his mouth and nose
An old goblin from 4th edition starter box converted to a night goblin
Goblin (spear) with scarf over his mouth and nose
Goblin with milk stein and keg. To be painted with milk mustache.
Forest Goblin Spider Riders head, I've shaved of his feathers and gave him a night goblin outfit, his going to be my "gobbo bow snow sneaker". You can see his body here.
Tried to make some spoons and knifes but without any success. Think I've to get some plastic cards or something.

I did however manage to make some small moons to decorate the hoods with. See the small green commas?


Battle for skull pass weapon swap

 Some gobbos ready to get armed.
I'm going with Chaos warrior Marauders weapons (bought on  eBay) since my goblins are from somewhere between Troll Country and Kislev they probably raided a camp or two, or might just have picked up some weapons dropped on the ground.

The swords are quite big though.
I was thinking to have it stuck in the ground and the goblin leaning on it, or  dragged behind.
 But it would be a shame to cut the sword.

This lad got an axe.
And to the right I found some Wood Elves swords. From the Glade Guard box and Glade Riders box. I think the leftmost is from the Glade Riders box and the other two from the Glade Guard.

*to the left: the Sword of Maybe Maybe Not
*in the middle: this is the same sword as the on the right, before I cut of the hand, arm and scraped of some details, (to make it look less elfy).
*to the right: the Sword of 77% Probability
The Sword of Maybe Maybe Not
without the arm.

The Sword of  Mostly Falsehoods

My friend convinced me to accept the over sized sword and go for goofy goblin.

Fear him, he carries the Sword of  Mostly Falsehoods. A sword tainted by the chaos gods them self. He swings it with all his might (S3) when he charges to battle. Videlicet a Night Goblin with hand weapon and shield, no more no less.

It's not glued yet, the rod won't show when the pieces are in place.


Battle for skull pass conversion

I'm making some conversions to my battle for skull pass goblins.

This one getting a trekking pole.

I'm using a branch from the Wood Elf Dryads box.
I have quite some useful bits from my Wood Elves army, especially for basing.
 Using my newly bought pin vice, for attachment.
And carved out some hands on some other goblins to. They might get swords, snowballs, axes, pickaxes or what ever I might find.
 Before and after. Later I will probably ad a pouch on the branch.
Some bits from ebay. Yumy


Soon to be blue

I would need one of these to be able to take pics that don't get fuzzy.
 A package arrived in the mail. Can you guess what it is?
I give you a hint: Model kit

From China

How about now?
 Yep the bases where all wrong. Kinda annoying since you can't order them.
But got them cheap from ebay so what to expect?
I probably have to greenstuff together a 40mm and two 20mm bases, not too much of a problem though.

 "A snotling with mushroom, Gobbla and Skarsnick" x2

One for my friend and one for me. My Skarsnick will get a nice and cosy fur cloak.
 And not in the same package but still in the mail. Rock lobber or lobba as a gobbo would refer it to.

Look the crew goblin steps on a squig!

Squished squig.

And one where you can see the hole model, note the helpful snotling.


Rival tribe

 I was over at my friends place and his goblin army taking shape. The army theme is a swamp tribe in the deep forest.

His anvil unit is a hord of 60 goblins with bows and shield. Won't be charged by my gobbos anytime soon since stand and shoot. But wouldn't mind letting my manglers tast some of them if I could get them there without getting them killed.

I've found some feathers from my lizardmen bits, so he could make a forest goblin theme to match the spider riders and the aracnarok
The colourfull tattoos (and feathers) are also found on the spider riders and the giant.
And the swamp night goblins with nice and dirty yellow hoods to grey robes.

I hope to tie the armies together by some unspeakable wimpy excuse for feud in my fluff. Any good ideas?
I thinking in the lines of "cheating in a game of snotling v.s. hobbit barrel fighting" maybe?