Snowman painted

 Painted up the snowman, I'm going to add some shadows on him later. But this is how he's coming along.

Don't know if I should ad some greenstuff pebbles for buttons on his belly?
 Need to retouch the base was a bit sloppy with the white.
The squig got teeth, eyes and replaced toe (the old one fell of).
Sorry for the bad picture, the camera don't seems to like to fokus on my miniatures.


Short update

Found this:

It was on sale but still $30 for a box (price before sale $38). But still so tempting to make a nice snowy landscape in there and then be able to take nice pictures of my miniatures.
 I always wanted on of these but made for my Warhammer. This is a piece my friend use to take pictures of model train and train carts that his dad sells at eBay. To bad I don't have any pictures of it zoomed out or from the side but you get the idea, it's a background and the object is elevated.

This is an awful drawing, it's nice that you can draw on an iPhone but is never going to look nice drawing with your fingers.

As you can sort of see it's a cliff wall and then a terras with som foliage, grass, bushes, trees. And then the cliff wall continues. And the one to the right is an attempt to illustrate it from the side.

Skull Pass Demo Board
Here is a simular thing but not elevated, which is easy added however.

And I just hade an awesome idea how about if you made it so you could field it as a terrain piece?


Blue Mushrooms Purple Moon

Idol of Mork from Battle for Skull Pass.

Took picture with and without flash because I felt that it was hard to see the white dots on the blue mushrooms when I used flash. These (the shrooms) are the reason for the odd colour on my army. A fluff artikel is on it's way, that explains in more detail.
I hade a fought, that I could put a rare earth magnet on the inside by the shield. Then one could place tings on it to theme the terrain for the battle. If not I will paint some symbol on the shield.
 Don't know why I didn't turn the other pice, not much to see but still.
Think I'll highlight up the moon a bit more next time I paint some squigs.

Coming soon, a painted snowman spreading terror around the camp.



My first attempt sculpting, so listening to all advice of "starting small like fixe some joints" I started of trying to sculpt a squig. 

Could not find a working link for this.
artist unknown.

The reason I went for sculpting a squig was part for the discussion I had with my friend about how expensive a squig herd is, and part how easy these two make it look:                                                                              ⬆

The small round balls are going to be a snow lantern hopefully lit by a blue or yellow LED. 

In the back of the tray you can see a milk tankard.

The clay is some sort of paperclay so it beacomes very light when dry.

And here we see that I f#cked up the squig by not wait for the clay to dry before adding the legs… But made a snowman ready to be pushed by snotlings, a goblin wading in snow, a goblin stumbling in snow, a goblin covered in snow, a goblin in disguise as a snowman. 

As you can see I fixed the underside of the feet on the stumbling goblin which where damaged by removal of slotta bar and they where to flat to look natural.
 Snowman close up.
 Squig from behind.


Terrain thoughts

If I'm going to talk about terrain I has to mention this one even if it's 40k Games workshop in ruins.

Idea for a tower might try to make it. Since pocket tower and watchtower senario I might come in handy.
Another Pic a bit different design, think I like the first better. This one is a bit simpler might be a combination?

 Tested too make the top in cardboard just for scale and method experiment.
Went for a walk and gathered some materials for the tower.
Wall ass turncounter? Have some old grey walls (don't know what material, seems quite foamy. Lots of bubbels, hard but not brittle.) with static grass on the base from games workshop before the plastic once came out. So just cover the grass with some baking powder snow mix, and some on the top. Then I'll probably paint the details left out, like skulls of barrels.
Not the best concept art but sufficient to just remember the idea.


Vip, no. Whipped, maybe but not what I meant. Simply wip gobbos

To the left we have some goblins from battle for skullpass with their spears removed, to make room for handweapons (probably warriors of chaos marauders stuff) or snowballs.
Two snotlings. One for pose change and one for weapon swap.

One goblin getting ready for his milk mustache.

I found a video by stumpythumper on the subject skullpass conversions.

Here is my attempt, can't get much further since I haven't bought a regiment box yet.
While the bone saw was out I tried to make a horde movement tray out of some old smaller one's.
I'll try to make some tracks to put some metal rods in to hold them together.


More metal

 Some more miniatures have arrived.

Here is 3 of the 5 blisters that came in the post.

Goblin Ballista from Gamezoneminiatures       The ballista brought some interesting surprises. I didn't watch the video of the model before I placed the order. So I had no clue about the vampire. Now I can weave in Vampire Counts in my fluff, so thats nice.                                                           Gamezones goblins are more in line with Aly Morrison and Brian Nelson Night Goblin Box size scale rather than the new Night Goblin box by Brian Nelson and Dave Thomas wich are smaler in size.                                                                        But it doesn't mater that much, the command group I bought might look a bit odd, time will tell how I handle that problem.

Goblin Duel from Freebooterminiatures     Freeboterminiatures on the other hand have a slightly smaler size scale on their goblins than the new 

night goblin box. This duel take place on a orc base 25x25. I'll paint them as snotlings instead, so they will work as orc bully that not whip the goblins in to good labor rather amuse them for good moral.
The metal is very soft, probably more lead than gws metal. It's easy to mess up the figure when cutting away excess metal.

 Cucaracha from Freebooter's Fate        
 This one I don't know if I will paint as a snotling or as a goblin. It's also mounted on 25x25mm base. So this one also will be an orc bully rule wise. Cooking because a gobbo will filled belly work better than a gobbo working on empty stomach.

Really nice details.

Size comparison.

 Goblin Shaman Wolf Rider from Gamezoneminiatures
When I was putting my list together I found out it's not able to have a night goblin shamen on a wolf so don't know how I will do with this one. But it's cool.


Offensive Goblins from Gamezoneminiatures

My Night Goblin will take Moon to a new level. If I will have a old night goblin regiment these guys will lead them for better size comparison, as you can see.