The Curse of the Chickens

“Do not ask which creature screams in the night. Do not question who waits for you in the shadow. It is my cry that wakes you in the night, and my body that crouches in the shadow. I am Tzeentch and you are the puppet that dances to my tune...”
- The Changer of Ways.

The Goblin’s change of colour was the root, which made the tribe stumble into the gaze of The Lord of Change. But when Verin the Change Lord, saw how they would come to interfere with her plans to come, she became determined that this pest had to be eradicated.

The life at Snow White Hills was quite a normal goblin life.
Relooting some trading caravans, already attacked and robbed by others. Since their guards had already been taken out they’re the optimal prey.
Other activities in the camp could be such as:

Collecting various loot from the ground.
Harassing the livestock from the nearby towns.
Blood bowl training.
Chasing after their Squigs when they break free and goes on a feeding frenzy throughout the area.

All this seems quite random and brainless but Verin, Lord of Change, underling of Tzeentch, (or Chicken of Change as the gobbos have come to call her after several encounters) had seen how all their activities will come to interfere with her larger plan. She knew that goblins were the more cunning of the greenskin kind. All her plans had gone wrong by this nuisance at late. This wave of failed plans will not prolong. She wanted to put an end to this unpleasant interference and assigned one of her underlings, the sage of heliotrope evil, the malevolent Jackalope, to take care them.

The Jackalope set out and found their snowy village with ease. He could lay watch without them noticing him, except for the frost imps (Snotlings). They would come and taunt him and wouldn’t leave until he bit the head off of one of them, then they would run away, crying out for help, soon to return as they forgotten what happened last time they taunted him. They all seamed childish in their behavior, humor, size and intellect. Except for their contraptions, but he drew the conclusion that they where stolen and modified.

All the goblins seemed to be planning malicious plans, but they all turned out to be a ways of stealing food from the others. All malicious actions and all interferences of the Lord of Change’s plans seemed to have its rots in the beastly minds of the Squigs. To hinder any more misfortune from these Squigs, the Jackalope would let them change into something more mindless, something more harmless. With his tongue influenced by Tzeench he spoke words of The Curse, but before he could finish he was interrupted by a Snotling chewing on his leg. Before he was able to dismember the Snotling a Rhinox was thundering towards him whipped by a dozen Snotlings, who had realized that there became one fewer each time they had approached the rabbit.

Most of the Squigs had not been effected by the Jackalope’s twisted words, but the all those in the pen dedicated to Squig mounts and lager Squigs, had all had their appearances shifted to a chicken. Their seize remained and to their astonishment they found their beaks to be even more effective than their former fangs.  Resulting in the Squig Hoppers riders eaten, only Nigrot survived the test ride. He was sort of able to control the two groups of Chicken Squigs from his elevated position mounted on the Great Chicken Squig. The 3 Greater Chicken Squigs that was remaining, and one unchanged Squig, where chained together in pairs.

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