The eve of battle

I have a confession to make. I'm not that fast posting on this blog, as you will understand by my following text. In fact, my first post was already 8 months old before I managed to post it. Since I've quite a full plate with studies and work, not much time goes into the spare time category. I rather put the time to the hobby than writing about it. English isn't my first language, so I need some extra time to check spelling and stuff before I post.

At the moment I have quite a bunch of pictures in queue to post and write about..

This might not be the look you would expect of a Night Goblin Big Boss mounted on a Great Cave Squig, but that is what you're looking at.

A fluff article is on its way to explain the situation.

Beacause it's easter my army is well in theme. It even matches the coasters and napkins.

I prepared the Squig Hoppers and was very pleased with the snow bases achieved by white Blu-Tack, whom's main purpose was to attach the chickens to the base.

Tomorrow my gobbos will clash together with my friend's goblin army. Looking forward to it.

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