Battle of the Greenskins (and the former greenskins...)

My friend and I decided not to do a battle report on the battles during the day, rather try out the lists, get to know the units and get a better grip on the rules.

I can share some of the main events however.

Skarsnik didn't do much. When his special rule came in to play it rather help the opponent than sabotaged his deployment.

There were some Spider Riders that was supposed to call out my fanatics, me not too keen on having fanatics swirling around in my ranks tried to take out the Spider Riders with shooting/magic with that failing I sent one of the fanatics out through the Spider Riders ending their suffering and sent the remaining into a wood. After that my opponent kept forgetting about my fanatics which led to the Arachnarok demise both games. One of the battles he was able to take Skarsnik with him with Venom Surge before he died.

I got lucky in both games and took out his war machines early on with my war machine shooting.

Otherwise I stood back with most of my stuff except the Squigs. Had nothing to take on the larger units with so I just avoided them.

Got a major brain fart in one of the games and decided that it was highly likely my Squig Hoppers would bounce forward about 13" (on three dice, yes they have a re-roll from my character but that won't help much) putting them safely in close combat. Instead the bounced forward and placed themselves comfortably a couple of inches in front of a 60 man unit of goblin archers. After his shooting phase only my now badly wounded character remained.

The Squig Herd got shot down before it arrived.

So here are the two armies placed on the table just to be able too take some pictures, not deployed.

Here are my opponents armies
Spear Chukka stand in to the foremost right.
60 Ordinary Goblins with bows shield and Nasty Skulkers (this unit never saw battle)
Night Goblins with spears
River Trolls
Rock Lobber
Night Goblins with spears
Night Goblins with bows

Spider Riders
Spear Chukka stand in

Close ups

My army
Front left Night Goblins with hand weapons and Skarsnik
Behind Night Goblins with Bows
Night Goblins with spears
Spear Chukka
7 Squig Hoppers

hero on Giant Squig
another 7 Squig Hoppers
another unit of Manglers
Rock Lobba stand in, (I brought mine Lobber but this Trebuchet was painted brown instead of white metal)
Squig Herd
Doom Diver

More close ups


  1. Battle report now!! I want to see those chicken hopper in action!

    1. As I wrote in the post this battle took place over a year ago and we decided not to write a battle report, But I could make you this offer:
      "I'll arrange a new battle of the goblin tribes and write a report this time"
      if that would suffice?
      Thanks for the comment :)