In the Mail

 Ooo what could it be this time?
 Oh a chocolate frog?
 6 Squig Hoppers ready for a bath.
It's gonna be acetone since they are metal and I got
acetone at home. Other wise I can recommend these articles about stripping:
Pyramidvault (forum dead can't vague for quality on new forum)
Also got 3 plastic bags containing:

Ork Nobz stuff. Ordered mostly becaus I wanted the Squig. But there is some nice banners too.

Gaint parts (see next pic)

3 Charriot bases.
Stuff from the Giant box set. Nice sign and hayfork. This was mostly for combined shipping and the sign.

Two Night Goblin Shamans
Leaving me with a total of 4. Probably won't use all of them in the same list. (Storm of Magic maybe?)

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